Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives

      Useful life and working reliability of diesel fuel engine circles precisely worked are very closely connected with fuel quality that is in use. STANADYNE, America´s largest independent designer and manufacturer of diesel fuel injection equipment technology with more then 60 years of know-how, consider poor quality diesel fuel as a major enemy. To resolve these problems and preserve the injection pumps, Stanadyne developed its own line of diesel fuel additives. Slovak, Czech, Hungarian or other who interested in these products can meet them through our company.


Stanadyne´s fuel additives were developed in cooperation of Stanadyne´s engineers, professional chemists and prestige engine manufactures as AM General, Caterpillar, Ford, GM, John Deere, Navistar and VW. During the production of additives were applied non metallic ashless polymers in the process of combustion.



The most universal of fuel additives is Performance Formula. Performance Formula is the all-season, all-purpose conditioner formulated to maximize the efficiency and minimize the problems of diesel fuel operation. Modern fuel additive does not contain any hygroscopic alcohol and gives to diesel oil many excellent attributes:

  • Upgrades and stabilizes fuel oil by reducing sludge and fuel tank contaminants, decreases filterability temperature up to 13°C and helps keep diesel oil flow through filters;
  • Increases power & economy with cetane improver while improving cold starting, improves power and torque, decreases noise and engine fumes;
  • Improves fuel consumption with no negative influence on emissions;
  • Cleans and protects fuel system elements against rust, corrosion and deposits;
  • Reduces wear of precise pump and injector elements;
  • Stabilizes viscosity and maintains chemical stability of fuel oil during storage or after long storage;
  • Inhibits the fuel system deterioration caused by water and other contaminants;
  • Reduces fuel oil foaming and this way minimizes share of the air in fuel.
 Part No.
 Package  Fuel oil volume
 32943 235 ml 120 l
 29409  470 ml  240 l
 31845  1,9 l 960 l
 29410*  19,0 l 9600 l
* order only  


      Regular use of Stanadyne´s PERFORMANCE FORMULA® can dramatically improve power, torque and overall engine performance. Performance Formula will more then pay for itself – by savings at the filling station, from repairs and by extending maintenance intervals.



Additive is needed to be appied before waxing start! In this way only is possible to provide maximal effect to fuel properties and fuel system as a whole.


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