Professional diagnostic

Expert Diagnostics

     Modern high pressure fuel systems of diesel engines require application of advanced diagnostic, test and other test service equipments specialized to check out their technical condition. Extreme working pressures and increasing share of more sophisticated electronic fuel system equipment lay down out of the premium requirements for equipment in regard to diagnostics, service and maintenance of the system. Taking this fact into account is needed to use enormous financial resources, qualified machine operators and their wide specific knowledge related to repairs to the car.

To be top diesel service AGÁT DIESEL company regularly invest money in top diagnostic, test and other relevant equipments that enable to make control, maintence, repair and adjustment also very complicated elements of diesel fuel engines. Modern universal test benches, stationary and mobil diagnostic testers, test benches, ultrasonic cleaning unit and other BOSCH, HARTRIDGE, DELPHI specialized equipments are at disposal of our experienced mechanics. This is also the reason why we are able to verify technical condition of all the most common fuel systems from conventional types of in-line or rotary pumps, pump-nozzle unit UIS/PDE type, pump-pipe-nozzle UPS/PLD type to the most modern Common rail solutions and including every single component.

Universal testing equipment